Collaboration with Christian Boomker

By | Nov 20, 2017 | Cookies, Cooperation | 0 comments

Boomker developed the now renowned Awareness through Experience (ATE) Cookie® for HungerNdThirst Foundation, which mimics taste alteration in cancer patients.

I am trained as a food technologist and later to cook. Cooking and everything that accompanies has always had my interest. I work as a cook in a forensic psychiatric center, besides I am much concerned with outdoor cooking, I do as the Vuurmeester. I use not only the BBQ, but Cook, stew, fry and roast also in the kettle and the Dutch oven. On wood fire and in cast iron, originally cooking I call that. "

"From my background as a chef and food technologist I am involved in the HungerNdThirst Foundation. This is not only a professional interest, but also in my area there are people who have had to deal with odour and taste distortion due to chemotherapy. I therefore hope to be able to contribute wholeheartedly to a solution. "