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HungerNdThirst Foundation established 25 February 2016

New cases of cancer increased by 2.3% compared to 2020, to 2.74 million in 2022. Similarly, cancer deaths increased by 2.4% compared to 2020, according to European Commission estimates published in the European Cancer Information System (ECIS).
The improvement of the quality of life of people with cancer must be our main concern. We develop practical applications for patients, healthcare professionals and informal carers. We want to alleviate side effects such as taste disruption and increase awareness of taste disruption.

Just as cancer affects physical health, it can evoke a wide range of feelings that people are not used to dealing with. Side effects may vary from person to person and from treatment to treatment, to the extent that two people receiving the same treatment may experience very different side effects. Treating side effects, such as taste disturbance, is an important part of cancer care and quality of life. 

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new cancer patients in 2023 (IKNL Feb. 2, 2024)


Experience smell and/or taste alteration

medication for loss of smell and/or taste

Taste disturbance, as a side effect of chemotherapy

Changes in smell and taste are a common problem in cancer patients receiving chemotherapy. Altered taste perception in cancer patients is still too often ignored. The HungerNdThirst Foundation has developed an ATE - Awareness Through Experience - Cookies ® to create awareness and publicity about the problem of taste distortion.

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focus areas


We are developing various practical applications to create awareness for cancer-related complications such as taste alteration caused by chemotherapy.


We participate in scientific research on nutrition, malnutrition and taste disorders. Effective solutions are being sought to improve the quality of life.


We develop educational materials about The psycho-social aspects of taste change. Attention is paid to nutrition that can contribute positively to patients' well-being.


HungerNdThirst develops the buddy app for people with cancer. It easily brings peers into contact with each other to share experiences and support each other. 


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